"I was able to overcome this because of the fans who waited for me. I promise not to disappoint you anymore."

-Jay Park.

  44 September 18, 2010
4 years ago

"I’d rather just think of everything positively."

-2NE1: Minzy.

  69 September 17, 2010
4 years ago

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"From now on, I’ll become a little brother that thinks of his hyungs, and follow them faithfully."

-Super Junior: Sungmin

  30 4 years ago

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is officially opened~

Please start submitting macros: KPOPMACROS.TUMBLR.COM/SUBMIT

  37 September 16, 2010
4 years ago

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"I think it’d be a great honor to be able to influence someone’s joy."

-2NE1: CL.

  97 4 years ago

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"At the time, I thought it was love. But looking back, I think it was just young and dating."

-Super Junior: Shindong.

  23 4 years ago

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"If I was doing nice things for a girl, I just want her to accept them."

-Super Junior: Sungmin.

  13 4 years ago

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Do you know where Wooyoung's "Have you seen a person that’s really short and looks like he’s from Seattle?" quote is from? Thank you!
from: Anonymous

2PM’s Wild Bunny show Episode 2.

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"I hope that I can use sincere music to move everyone."


  7 4 years ago

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"Towards people who dislike surprises, I can never understand them either.’Surprise’ is an important element in our lives, we should feel touched more often in order for us to maintain our marriage."

-Super Junior: Eun Hyuk

  49 4 years ago

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"I want to think of it as a compliment. We’re different, but not wrong."

-2NE1: CL.

  65 4 years ago

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"After that, I just let go of my sanity and enjoyed it."

-2NE1: Dara.

  31 September 14, 2010
4 years ago

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"Just because we sing a girly melody or lyric doesn’t mean we’ll lose our own unique color. We’d just like for everyone to talk about our skills instead."

-2NE1: CL.

  33 4 years ago

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"We want to try girly things, we will do girly things, and I believe we’ve already done girly things."

-2NE1: CL.

  11 4 years ago

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Hey! Where did u get that JongHyun quote from?? The dear future wife one? Im curious. xD
from: arcady-meltdown


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